Friday, May 2, 2008

phase 2 plant expansion

Entering Phase Two -
Death As A Salesman moving along... into something new. Who knows what.

Here's the North Columbia Schoolhouse stage... backdrop hurriedly painted by my brother...

who lingered on stage a moment too long. We're going to have to eliminate that. In some way that won't feel like a demotion.

Here's some more shots of me on stage. I forgot so much stuff. It's like packing in a hurry. You always leave something behind. So as I work with the material - and Douglass' constant changes and additions - I get more and more used to it, and fewer and fewer things will get left under the hotel bed.

What are friends for? When bad eyes leave you painting blind? This is what they're for! Thanks!

Menlo Macfarlane, Aram Larsen, Reese Sutfin in The Bishop's Room.

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