Friday, May 2, 2008

phase 2 plant expansion

Entering Phase Two -
Death As A Salesman moving along... into something new. Who knows what.

Here's the North Columbia Schoolhouse stage... backdrop hurriedly painted by my brother...

who lingered on stage a moment too long. We're going to have to eliminate that. In some way that won't feel like a demotion.

Here's some more shots of me on stage. I forgot so much stuff. It's like packing in a hurry. You always leave something behind. So as I work with the material - and Douglass' constant changes and additions - I get more and more used to it, and fewer and fewer things will get left under the hotel bed.

What are friends for? When bad eyes leave you painting blind? This is what they're for! Thanks!

Menlo Macfarlane, Aram Larsen, Reese Sutfin in The Bishop's Room.

schoolhouse show...

april 26 we're doing death as a salesman at the north columbia schoolhouse cultural center, a magical place where everything works great. we saw Vermillion Lies there, were floored.

here it is, on the lovely ridge, high above Nevada City:

hope to see you there. I finally got Douglass to agree to get on stage and introduce the show. bout time for a little help from that side.
I've been taking care of my brother Douglass who had some eye stuff going on for the last month. A vitreous hemorrhage, torn and detached retina, then a vitrectomy and laser surgery... it's all working out well now, but after that surgery he had to stay face down for 2 weeks... while the retina got settled in.

after the surgery Douglass gets ready for his two weeks of looking at the ground.

Show at Dotties Lounge

We did the show at Dottie's Coffee Lounge last Sunday night, a horrible night to go out and drive, with icy streets and sidewalks. But they still showed and listened.

For me, it was a rough night; one never knows why things feel a certain way one night and a different way the next. Anyway, each performance is an experiment in working with a space. As my friend Antero Alli says, Space Is Intelligence. And in this case, the people sitting there were part of the intelligence. And so we're working together. And for me at least, it felt like we were dancing but stepping on each others' toes a bit.

relaxing before the show

our guests

On to Sacramento and Further!

ps. The Screenwriter came to the show, and if it weren't for Flu, he'd already be starting the screenplay for Death As A Salesman.
Hi from Grass Valley. New apartment, in the heart of town. Can't wait to move in and get to work. Video from travels across the US soon as I get things unpacked.

Grass Valley's a cute town. Roses in December.

she sings

sung by Dorothy Truth at the Storefront Artist Project's Dada Cabaret show.

John Sauer, piano; Randy Keyes. Drums; Richard Downs, Bass


new video

on the road in New Mexico... Johnny sang to me of things he - barely - remembered.
At least he can't come in here to bother me. Bisbee has this fantastic YWCA - it's where I'm staying and making many many friends. Eat your heart out Douglass! nyah nyah. Can't come in here!

I come to find out my twin brother has shown up in Bisbee AZ, too! Isn't there some other sun-drenched locale where he can hang out? One where he won't be impinging on my space not to mention my reputation? Copycat:

Hi folks. At long last. One of my friends, a regular at the cafeteria, helped me set this up. My brother wouldn't lift a finger. Natch.

More later. Much more.